Developed in Unreal
July 2018 –  Aug 2018

Reflector is a sci-fi puzzle game that was originally developed in Unity and is being remade in Unreal. In Reflector, the player has a gun that shoots a beam that teleports them to wherever it collides. The player must traverse a doomed space station using this gun in order to escape. Along the way there are special walls that the player can bounce the projectile off of to get them to unreachable areas. I contributed to the special effects for this port of the project.

Visual Effects

The overall goal of the remaking the VFX was to bring what we already had and juice it up! I achieved this by often trying to add a new element to the older particles such as a Fresnel effect to the grid or animated panning lines for the test beam.

Procedural Fire
Blaster Projectile
Hologram Logo
Test Laser Material