Developed in Unity
Aug 2017 – Dec 2017

Celestial Harmony was a student workshop project for the fall semester of 2017. The objective of the game was to revive dead planets by casting spells on the planet. This game was part of a research project where the my team had to make a game where the player had to utilize a midi piano as a controller to play the game. During this project my role was to create and implement visual effects and animations for the game. You can download the game here.

Visual Effects

The art direction for the particles was to keep them stylized with hints of realism for some biome particles.

Loading Screen
Water Shader
Path particles for when spells are cast

For getting the particles to follow a path, I utilized the Unity Tween Path asset and my custom Particle Path Manager to create and organize different particle paths so that whenever the particles spawn they will follow the appropriate path based on what biome is in current focus and what element cast index the player is on.


Some quick animations were made to convey feedback to the player whenever they got a combination correct or incorrect.

Animation when you put in the correct spell
Animation when you put the incorrect spell

You can find more information and download the game here.