Developed in Unity
May 2017 –  Aug 2017

Buffet Blast is a competitive multiplayer game made during the summer semester of 2017 for Game Design Workshop over 12 weeks. The whole objective of the game is to eat more food than your opponent to gain points. If you eat enough food you explode gaining a large amount of points. Whoever had the most points at the end of the round would win that round. Win two rounds total to win the game. My roles for this project were to program the menus, rig the characters, animate the characters, and create visual effects for the game, I also implemented all of these elements. I also made the marketing video for the product. You can download the game here.

Visual Effects

To give each character their own individuality, whenever they exploded they would have their own unique explosion. The art goals for the particles was to keep them simple and colorful as to not be too distracting, but animated in a way to give them personality.

Starchild Explosion
Piñata Explosion
Alien Explosion
Panda Explosion


I created the main rig for the characters and did some animations for them as well.

Explosion Buildup
Walk Cycle w/ Rig


I programmed and implemented all the menus in the game as well as the end round screen and end game screen as well as implemented any visual effects and animations.

Character Select
Level Select
Round End Screen

You can find more information and download the game here.